Smart Start & Social Justice Committee Partnership With Reading Programs – Adopting Free Library

Start date: February 24, 2020 - End date: February 29, 2020


Sacred Heart – Social Just Committee Little Free Library at Smithville Park On Saturday, Jan 11th, a Little Free Library (LFL) was unveiled in the Smithville County Park

The Social Justice Committee partnered with Smart Start and its pre-school programs by adopting a Little Free Library now located at Smithville Park. The Southport Rotary constructed the Little Free Library and Rotarians along with Mayor Hatem participated in this special event. Children were also present and, of course, lots of ice cream to share!

Smart Start, under the leadership of Executive Director, Helen Gabriel has two programs that promote reading for youngsters: Read in the Park and The First 2000 Days (commencing from birth to the start of Kindergarten—about 2000 days). From research, we have learned that infants and children need to be read to and engage in reading (turn the pages/enjoy the pictures) in their early years as their brains develop.

Social Justice’s job as “Literacy Leaders” is to tend the LFL, keeping it stocked with age-appropriate books. Donated books need to be reviewed prior to being placed in the Little Free Library. Kathi Culler will handle this for the Social Justice Committee. During the January meeting of the Social Justice Committee, a process will be developed for the parish to donate books to keep the LFL stocked. While other LFL’s have a “take one, leave one” philosophy, our Smithville Park library users/ children and their parents, grandparents and/or caregivers are free to take a book to read themselves or to a child.

Turning youngsters into Readers is necessary and fundamental. Reading is essential to step out of the cycle of poverty.

If you would like to get involved with this work, please contact Kathi @