Other Giving Options & Information

Tax Statements
Tax Statements for the previous year are available by mid-late January. A request form is available in the bulletin early in the year or send an email with your name, address, phone number and envelope number to the church admin at sacheart3@earthlink.net for a copy you can pick up in the parish office or have mailed or emailed to you.

Special Collections Special collections throughout the year support essential ministries throughout the world. You can support special collections through our online giving page or your offertory envelopes. Click here to see more information about each special collection:

Automatic Bank Drafting
Bank Drafting can be set up through your financial institution.

Gifts of stock to the parish are handled through the diocese. Please visit the Diocesan Page for Stock Donations.  https://dioceseofraleigh.org/give/other-ways-give

Other Giving Opportunities
The Foundation
Read and learn more about The Foundation of the Diocese of Raleigh and the resources they have available here: