Welcome Committee


The purpose of this committee is to meet and assist new parishioners to Sacred Heart. As we have a large parish, it is often difficult to feel at home when you are new. The Pastoral Assistant notifies the Welcome Committee Coordinator when a parishioner registers at Sacred Heart. The coordinator assigns this person/family to a volunteer to welcome them.

The welcome volunteer contacts the new parishioner to arrange a personal meeting. This is an opportunity to share information about Sacred Heart and its activities, as well as learn about their previous parish and involvement. The volunteer offers them the Sacred Heart Welcome Packet and a gift of a holy water bottle with a home blessing. Any needs of the parishioner/family can also be identified at this time. The volunteer can also offer information about where to seek assistance either in the parish or in the community.

If you are interested in joining this ministry, please contact the church office and leave a message for the Welcome Committee coordinator.

The volunteer will also share their contact information, should they need additional support while adjusting to Sacred Heart.

As the number of volunteers grow, it would be ideal to link the volunteer to a new parishioner/family who live in the same community or town, ie., Winding River, St. James or Boiling Springs. This can increase Catholic fellowship and spirit during the week and not just at Mass. It would be ideal for the volunteer to follow up with the parishioner/family periodically for a few months to ensure that they feel part of the Sacred Heart family.

We also sponsor a yearly “Meet the Pastor” reception for new parishioners…


A reception for new members who joined over the past year was held in the social hall on May 25, 2022. It was well attended and the feedback was very positive. Pictures from the reception follow…


Welcome Reception