Columbarium & Memorial Garden

The Columbarium and Garden are outside the Church, through a door on the left side of the Gathering area. A statue of an Angel watches over its four vaults, with a total of 250 niches, each niche is able to hold two urns.


Arrangements for the interment of cremated remains must be made through the church office and pastor.  The rites of interment will be in keeping with the Roman Catholic Forms of Worship.  The Columbarium and Garden is a place of prayer and meditation.


A Columbarium Committee will manage the Columbarium and Garden.  This committee, with the approval of the pastor, shall be responsible for all areas of administration and perpetual care.

Please call the office for more information.


The Sacred Heart Catholic Church Columbarium and Garden are primarily for the deceased members of Sacred Heart Parish and their immediate family.


Columbarium is derived from the Latin word ‘Columba’ (dove), the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Christian symbol of peace.  Since 1963, Catholics have been allowed to choose cremation over burial as a means of laying a loved one to rest.  According to Church guidelines, when someone has been cremated, their ashes must be kept intact, the same as one would treat a body.  They should remain in a proper vessel that is interred in a proper place, such as a cemetery or church.


It is important to have a place to visit because it provides a focal point for memorializing your deceased loved one.  We all have a desire to be remembered and to remember our loved ones.  The Columbarium and Memorial Garden is designed to provide a place on the church property for the permanent preservation of the cremated remains of church members and their immediate family.  This is a place for those who love Sacred Heart Catholic Church and have a sense of closeness to it, which they would like to preserve even after death.  It is hallowed ground, sacred to the memory of those who have departed from our midst.

Other Forms of Remembrance:

Memorial, Tribute & Honorary gifts to Priests of Sacred Heart of Sacred Heart Monastery