Sacred Heart Monastery Charitable Gifts

(Please note, not affiliated with Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southport, NC)

Honor someone special in your life.

Honoring a loved one through a charitable gift is an especially meaningful way of paying tribute to someone special

When you would like to express condolences or congratulations, you may wish to consider a tribute gift to support the work of hte Priests of Sacred Heart.

Express how they live on in your heart.

Memorial, Tribute and Honorary Gifts

You can make a commitment ot the future of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and remember someone who has been a vital part of your life with a gift in their memory or honor.

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to convey sympathy to the bereaved, memorialize a loved ones, commemorate a special occasion such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or a birthday, graduation or anniversary. Honorary gifts are often given to show appreciation for someone’s kindness or to recognize their impact on your life.

Your gift is also an opportunity to express gratitude to His Sacred Heart for the goodness you have received in your own life while leaving a legacy for the future ministry of the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Monastery Window Dedication

Sacred Heart Monastery is now over forty years old. As you can well imagine, time takes its toll and repairs become necessary. There are 400 windows at the Monastery, each one of which costs $1,900 to replace.

Your gift of $1,900 would pay for one window and will be memorialized with a small plaque on the frame of the window in your name or that of hte person you wish to honor.

Seminarians for years to come will know of your great generosity and be ever reminded to pray for you by name.

Sacred Heart Shrine Memorial Garden

Consider a gift to honor a child, parent or loved one of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or as a gift of Thanksgiving.

A brick engraved with the name of your loved one in the memorial garden at Sacred Heart Monastery and Shrine is a permanent remembrance of that person.

Through such a memorial gift, you share in the apostolate of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and support our vital work of making the love of God better known throughout the world.

For more information or to purchase a brick, please visit

Tree of Life Memorial Recognition

In 1 Corinthians 13:13 we are reminded that “faith, hope and love abide; and the greatest of these is love.” The Priests of the Sacred Heart invite you to establish a lasting tribute to those whom you love with an inscription on our memorial trees. You may choose a leaf, a rock or a dove. The gifts they represent help the Priests of the Sacred Heart touch the lives of others with Christ’s word, through works of love and reparation.

Endowments & Other Larger Gifts

A life of purpose is a blessing to God and to His kingdom on earth. Answer your calling by joining with the Priests of the Sacred Heart in generous support of our mission. There are several significant ways you can help. Contact the Priests of the Sacred Heart Monastery’s Mission Advancement Team to help you determine the kind of gift that fits your philanthropic goals.


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Please note that any gift given to Priests of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart Monastery, will not be given to our church as it is not related to the parish of Sacred Heart in Southport, NC.