Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dr. Scott Hahn—from: “Why a Protestant Pastor became Catholic” For two weeks straight I went to Mass. I can’t begin to tell you what I was experiencing. I was falling head over heels in love with Jesus Christ as though it was the first time. Only in this case, it was the Holy Eucharist, it was the Blessed Sacrament, it was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And I was watching as the Bible just came to life.

Sometimes I think we take the Holy Mass for granted. We do not realize it is Heaven come down to earth, and that we are immersed in the Sacred Scriptures. At other times we want to make the Mass about us, forgetting that by just being present we are uniting ourselves to the very heart and prayers of Jesus Himself as He intercedes for our intentions and needs. It does not matter how you feel emotionally, or if you are up or down, you are in the very presence of Jesus Himself. I feel sorry for some who decide to leave early, because they miss being Blessed by Jesus Himself through His priest. This blessing allows us strength for the week ahead. Blessings and Peace, Father Vic.