2nd Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 3:4-11 & Gospel of Matthew 5:17-19

Steven Wright, a 1980’s comedian, had a routine where he named his dog “Stay”…When teaching the dog to come to him, the dog would become very confused…As Steven would say; Come, Stay…Come, Stay…Poor dog in confusion didn’t know how to respond.

-For some Christians this happens when we mention law or works when speaking of the Christian life. Yet, the Law points towards Jesus who comes to fulfill the Law grounded in God’s merciful love for His people of the Covenant.

-Confused Christians think all Law & Commandments (think 10) have been abolished. But, you see, We can’t keep the law…That’s part of its function & purpose.
-As we cannot keep the Law and it’s Commandments from time to time… Neither could Israel. We call this sin, which is contrary to the “Good” God has willed for us.

-The Law leads us to Repentance, which moves us to the Sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation)…an avenue to His mercy, & healing, & Jesus, through His priests doesn’t just say; I Forgive you…He says “I Absolve you from your sins…” To absolve is not only to forgive, but to annihilate past sins.

In summary… The Law & Commandments…Leads to Mercy & Forgiveness through repentance…While the Virtues & the Gifts of the Holy Spirit leads us to happiness & a life well lived, & a future hope of the bliss of Heaven & Eternal life…Amen & Amen