Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Below is a quote from Mystic Adrienne von Speyr’s book: “The Cross: Word and Sacrament.” Thus, when you visit the Sacred Heart Confessional you will not additional crucifixes added to help us contemplate the great love and mercy our Lord has for us. “When we look a the Cross in a contrite spirit before making our Confession—in spite of the sadness that afflicts us on account of our sins, in spite of the anxiety about not being able to recognize and recall everything—we know that we can be sure of the Lord’s help; we know that the Son immediately makes this help available in the presence of his Father by interposing himself, his sufferings, for the sake of the penitent. He steps in with the whole weight of his Passion so that the penitent can be encouraged to tread the path of the sacrament full of confidence and can also dare to look up to the Cross, which has for him absolute value. But in this word there is even more: an invitation from the Son to all sinners to participate in his Cross.”

Also please remember our upcoming church pilgrimages (spiritual retreats) to Medjugorje, the end of October 2018, and the Holy Land, the Spring of 2019. Pax—Father Vic