Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

As we reflect on the readings from the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time…I would like to offer another reflection on the Gospel alone by Bishop Robert Barron.

There are many layers to Sacred Scripture, and while I focused on the image of our Lord’s Glory filling the temple, as Isaiah experiences at the moment of his call as a prophet of God.

I am reminded that through Mary, in the 4th Joyful Mystery of the rosary (Allows, in that moment )THE RETURN OF THE LORD’S GLORY TO AGAIN FILL THE TEMPLE, IN THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST, AS PROMISED BY THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS.

During the Babylonian captivity, the temple ritual, sacrifice, and daily worship were not possible. But behold! The presence of Jesus in the new Temple (The Church) with His Glory; so that all nations who offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the temple, can receive the superabundant spiritual grace, as signified with the amazing haul of fish from St. Simon Peter’s boat. Why? Because this boat is now directed by Christ Jesus, who is in the center.

With that said, I also love Bishop Barron’s reflection on the Gospel alone…
“Friends, today’s Gospel gives us the story of the miraculous draught of fishes. In many ways, the whole of the spiritual life can be read in this Gospel Reading.

Without being invited, Jesus simply gets into the fisherman’s boat. This is to insinuate himself in the most direct way into Simon’s life. Again, without further ado, he begins to give orders,            first asking Simon to put out from the shore and then to go out into the deep. This represents the invasion of grace. The single most important decision that you will ever make is this: Will            you cooperate with Jesus once he decides to get into your boat?

In many ways, everything else in your life is secondary, is commentary. When the Lord Jesus Christ gets into your boat, he will always lead you to the depths. Duc in altum, as St. John Paul II      loved to quote. More dangerous? Yes. More exciting? Yes.

Now, mind you, the depths we’re talking about here are spiritual depths. The excitement we’re talking about is the true excitement that comes from spiritual transformation. The depths have        nothing to do with what the world considers important or exciting.”

The Lord be with You…Father Vic