Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

“A sign that our soul may be drawing closer to God is to realize that while we may be more content than ever in our life, we have also become more incapable of permanent satisfaction in anything this life can offer.” (Fr. Donald Haggerty-from Contemplative Provocations) Which reminds me… Each morning as I sit before the Blessed Sacrament or just spend time reflecting upon the love of God, the more He is beginning to instill a deeper joy and steadiness to handle each day’s responsibilities. The more I experience this inner steadiness, happiness, and joy, the more I realize it is not rooted in the material things of this world, but is solely a gift. And this gift allows use to engage the world with a contentment derived from a deeper inner joy of the Spirit.

Also please remember our upcoming church pilgrimages (spiritual retreats) to Medjugorje, the end of October 2018, and the Holy Land, the Spring of 2019.