Thirtieth Sunday In Ordinary Time

This past week the Church celebrated St. John Paul II Feast Day. I think one of his greatest gifts was a number of talks he gave which were collected & published as “Theology of the Body.” Our bodies are a part of us, and the body is sacred.

From – “Theology of the Body in One Hour”…More than abstinence or self-restraint, piety is a deep reverence for all things sacred, including the body. If sin dulls our understanding of the meaning of the body and the value of sexuality, piety heightens our sensitivity to the dignity that the body possesses. It is the crowning of chastity, and according to John Paul, “turns out to be the most essential power for keeping the body ‘with holiness.’” It is the Holy Spirit who empowers each person to view his or her body—and the bodies of others—with such reverence.

Amen—Fr. Vic