Thirty- Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Christ, King of the Universe…

-Testifies to the truth.
-He is the author & blueprint of Creation/Life.
-As Logos He speaks all Nations and things into existence.
-All human activity has its purpose & is redeemable through Him.

I visited recently the “Dubrovnik Hall of Heroes” – A small room containing pictures of the young who gave their lives in the great wars to protect this seafaring fortress city in Croatia…

-Without The Resurrection their deaths have little meaning beyond the temporal – But these deaths have a deeper meaning precisely because of the resurrection

-Arlington National Cemetery, Our dead buried in Normandy – All temporal honor and sacrifice raised up to the eternal in the Bodily Resurrection of Christ.

As King of the Universe, He will redeem His Church!
-Sacred Scripture paints us this Image of the Church – A Boat in stormy seas.
-Constructed from the bark of Saint Peter…

Pope Pious XII – use to meditate on this picture in his chapel before prayer – A picture of the Apostles, in the boat, in stormy seas, with Jesus appearing to be asleep. This was during WWII with Germany and the axis powers threatening the world. And throughout history the Church rides in stormy seas, threatened from within, and from the outside – Yet, Christ is not asleep, even if it seems that way. He will guide His church, the ark, to Heaven.

Never say your life or someone else’s life is not redeemable.

-Thru Christ the King, all can be redeemed, starting at Mass by simply saying – Lord I’m not worthy to receive you under my roof, but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.

Those who hold to the resurrection of the body are those who are most effective at working for justice and peace in this world. If you are a complete materialist and secularist, you hold that everything and everybody, in the end, just fades away. But if you believe in the resurrection of the body, then everything in this world is destined for redemption. Everything matters.

Amen Fr. Vic