Second Sunday of Easter

This is why I love our faith…Darkness and anguish are temporary and can lead to a good ~

In the world of College Basketball – Virginia last year was the 1st #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed…Humiliation indeed. With a purpose & great coach they accomplished something amazing.

… And Texas Tech has an excellent coach and he will teach these kids something from this disappointment…He has built something exceptional there and they will be successful as well. These kids overachieved, and they understand what dedication and work can bring about. In the world we might not all be #1, but #2 is still success.

I remember always being on teams where I didn’t get a trophy. Even played in a finals in a basketball league where we lost and only the winners got a trophy. I never got a trophy, but it taught me to push forward, persevere, and to work. Failure led me to not give up and I received the greatest trophy. Priesthood…I never dreamed this would be possible. This is like having a trophy.

Never lose faith because God always has a plan…Fr. Vic