Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

We live in an age where breakthroughs in medical research, technology, procedures and drugs have eliminated many diseases, has improved our lives, and raised our quality of living. We have reduced pain, and we live longer. Those are good things.

On the other hand, I would like to point what a culture looses when trying to eradicate all forms of pain, suffering, discomfort, and the removal of any form of the cross from daily life. In our struggles, weaknesses, and discomfort The Lord can use our suffering, struggles, pain, weaknesses, and discomfort to sanctify us. It is through suffering that we have an opportunity to participate through love and charitable acts to bring comfort to one another. To bring Christ’s concrete love into a broken world. Without suffering or the cross these moments to participate in Sanctifying Graces are missing from life.

Our own personal crosses and struggles can be used for our good when we seek grace through penance and abstinence. In Christ Jesus, don’t think I am being punished by my struggles with sin and vice. No, my struggles against sin and vice are being used to sanctify me. My crosses are there to point me to my daily need of God and Sanctifying Grace.

And we are open to extraordinary graces when we offer up to God, our little daily inconveniences, as well as, the bigger sufferings. Offering this up for others is a powerful force for the good in this fallen world. And the suffering of others allows us opportunities for charity, which inflames our own souls with grace, and the presence of Christ in our hearts.

-The Lord desires to share in every aspect of your life, and wants to reconcile and elevate every area and work of your life as we participate in Glory and work of Christ Jesus.

Saint Leo the Great, pope: And this is the reward they will receive for their love of God and neighbor: when their struggle with all temptation is finally over, there will be no further adversities to suffer or scandal to fear; but they will rest in the peace of God undisturbed, through our Lord who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.

Pax – Fr. Vic