Twenty-Nineth Sunday in Ordinary Time

When we sometimes feel down. Or ask questions like…

-Why can’t God change me – Why do I confess the same things

– Why am I not progressing spiritually

– Why do I seem to be a failure?…

-Then how about this…
-The Crucifix around your neck – The crucifix above our church altars the world over.
-Jesus changed a Roman instrument of torture and brutality into a sign of salvation, Hope, & love – A sign that was meant to bring terror is now a sign of blessings and hope.

-If Jesus can do this with the crucifix – He can certainly change us.
-The Curse of the “wood of the tree” found in Deuteronomy & the instrument of torture – The “Wood of the Cross” – is turned into love – And when lifted up – “Will draw all nations to myself says the Lord.”

We are lifted up at every Mass, Confession and in the Sacraments – Our Lord can change us, just like He changed a sign of Roman damnation into a sign of Christian forgiveness and renewal – Patience & Perseverance are key.

Amen—Fr. Vic.