Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time

I love this quote from Cardinal Sarah…
“There is never any more authentic relation with God than in an encounter with the poor.”
I love the time spent with the working poor and those struggling to make ends meet. They allow for Christ’s love to become concrete and visible in this world.

This 22nd Sunday of ordinary time our readings are focused on the Commandments.
“Jesus founded the Church to be his bride. It’s from Jesus that we get the great commandments of love of God and neighbor. It is Jesus who instituted the Sacraments. Jesus who taught us how to pray. Jesus who, especially in the Blessed Sacrament, inspires holiness in our own day.”

Although the law is bound in love of God and neighbor, Jesus Himself said He did not come to replace the law and commandments, but to fulfill them. A thought based on my homily today. Ask a child if they have the freedom to play the violin or any instrument. If they say yes, then give them the instrument and ask them to play. If they have never learned the rules and laws to play beautifully the chosen musical instrument, then the notes will come out as incoherent and rambling. Life is that way. Jesus teaches us the law and commandments so we can live freely and with abundance as we share our lives, gifts and virtues with our family, friends, and society at large. When we interact and engage with the world with an act of self gift, we become free and began to find fulfillment and happiness.

With that said – An anonymous family has donated to Sacred Heart Parish a new Book of the Gospels. The book was purchased IN MEMORY OF DEACON SIR KNIGHT VINCENT TRAINER. When I raise the Book before proclaiming the Word of God, may this intention be honored.

Our Lady’s Guild donated the Angels protecting the Tabernacle, and a dear friend dedicated our new Thurible and Incense Stand in honor of her husband.

These people are truly living free as they offer us gifts for liturgical use to enhance the beauty of our Liturgical Worship.
Pax – Fr. Vic