Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:55 “”Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary…”

As you read this pastor’s corner remember this – Our Lord Jesus, CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE earned his living as a young man, by working with his hands; thus, adding value to the lives of others as a simple carpenter. GOD, a carpenter.

I remember when public schools used to have a class called “Industrial Arts.” We called it “Shop” for short. Where a young person could learn how to work on wood/carpentry, build things of necessity, work with metal/plumbing – even learning how to work on small engines. I always envied those who excelled in using their hands and minds to create and conserve things that improved our standard of living.

With that said, I am saddened that we have fewer technical schools, and have pretty much ignored these disciplines. I am also intrigued that everyone wants to become a star and that we revere hollywood, and professional athletes, yet it was a teacher that planted the seed for St. John Paul II to pursue the life that lead him to sainthood.

I write this on the day that the Church celebrates St. Therese of Lisieux who spoke of doing all things, big and small, out of love of God. She did the simple tasks in the convent that needed to be done “out of love of God.” This is the path to greatness in the kingdom. Doing the little things well.

Imagine if we had a breakdown in society where we could no longer depend on Amazon Prime, grocery stores, or shopping to gain items in which to survive. What if there was no one to pick up our trash, or no plumber to fix our toilets, or the handy man to repair the toaster, or the bank teller, or the order taker – you get my point. I could continue naming things and simple vocations that we take for granted, but are absolutely necessary for a healthy and vibrant society.

Thus, we all have value and a place in society. Every job, that adds something to our lives, big or small, has dignity, unless it is something contrary to the natural law of God – of course. On this Respect Life Sunday – Every Life Matters – And every job that adds something to our lives should be appreciated and respected. We all have been created with purpose and a role to play.

If the world collapsed around me – I am not looking for a Hollywood star, a professional athlete, nor a politician to help me survive – I am finding the person(s) that have the skill sets that we take for granted – those who can help me survive and flourish.

Pax – Fr. Vic