Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time

This week I will start and end with quotes from Jeff Cavins, a Catholic convert and apologist-

If we can’t receive your Body and Blood, where are we going to go? Will you exchange the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for a homegroup, where you can read the Bible together? Will you exchange the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for a prayer meeting? It’s a question we all have to answer. We are fed as Catholics on a diet of the Word of God and by his Body and his Blood. This all takes place in the Mass.”

As I said during a daily Mass homily this past week – “Don’t put all of your trust and hope in the church’s hierarchy – For they are not the end, but a means to an end – The end is Christ, Salvation, and Heaven. The means is the Church, Christ’s Instrument of Salvation.”

  • The Church, The Mass, and The Sacraments are what will infuse us with the Divine Life.
  • The people may be flawed but not the Mass instituted by Christ, the center and core of this ancient church He founded. For His Bride shall be found without spot or wrinkle. This is accomplished daily, as the Mass and Sacramental Life continually washes, nourishes and heals a wounded church through Christ, her Bridegroom.
  • After Jesus explained in John 6; …That He will nourish His followers with His Body and Blood (Gift of the Mass and Holy Eucharist).

Jesus then asked the apostles; “Are you going to leave me as well?”

          – St. Peter responded; “Lord, where shall we go, You hold the words to eternal Life.”

Shall we run away as well? or shall we stand and be a voice for the innocent, and live bold Christian Lives as a witness to our Bishops and to the world of this ancient and Holy Faith founded upon a suffering, but ultimately triumphant Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jeff Cavins – “There are problems in the Church today, we all know that. But through all of it, Jesus manages to feed us. Why? Because he’s the Shepherd and we rely on his ability to feed us, not on the cleverness of men; not on the ingenuity of men or the verbal eloquence of men.” (Both quotes are from his talk titled, I’m not being fed…)

Amen!  Fr. Vic