Prayer for the Family: Prayer of the Day for Monday, January 18, 2021

O God of goodness and mercy, to Thy fatherly guidance we commend our family, our household and all our belongings. We commit all to Thy love and keeping; do Thou fill this house with Thy blessings even as Thou didst fill the holy House of Nazareth with Thy presence.

Keep far from us, above all else, the blemish of sin, and do Thou alone reign in our midst by Thy law, by Thy most holy love and by the exercise of every Christian virtue. Let each one of us obey Thee, love Thee and set himself …

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus: Prayer of the Day for Wednesday, December 30, 2020

O wondrous Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, who, in thy brief earthly life, didst become a mirror of angelic purity, of courageous love and of whole-hearted surrender to Almighty God, now that thou art enjoying the reward of thy virtues, turn thine eyes of mercy upon us who trust in thee. Obtain for us the grace to keep our hearts and minds pure and clean like unto thine, and to detest in all sincerity whatever might tarnish ever so slightly the luster of a virtue so sublime, a virtue that …

I Came to You Late: Prayer of the Day for Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I came to You late, O Beauty so ancient and new. I came to love You late. You were within me and I was outside where I rushed about wildly searching for You like some monster loose in Your beautiful world. You were with me but I was not with You. You called me, You shouted to me, You wrapped me in Your Splendour, You broke past my deafness, You bathed me in Your Light, You sent my blindness reeling. You gave out such a delightful fragrance and I drew it in and came breathing hard after You. I …

Litany to the Sacred Head of Jesus: Prayer of the Day for Monday, December 28, 2020

Lord, Have Mercy on Us. Christ, Have Mercy on Us. Lord Have Mercy on Us.
Jesus, Graciously Hear Us.
God the Father of Heaven, Have Mercy on Us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World, Have Mercy on Us.
God the Holy Ghost, Have Mercy on Us.

Sacred Head of Jesus, Formed by the Holy Ghost in the Womb of the Virgin Mary,
Guide Us in All Our Ways
Sacred Head of Jesus, Substantially United to the Word of God,
Guide Us in All Our Ways
Sacred Head of Jesus, Temple of Divine Wisdom, …

Christmas Prayer: Prayer of the Day for Thursday, December 24, 2020

Lord, in this holy season of prayer and song and laughter, we praise you for the great wonders you have sent us: for shining star and angel’s song, for infant’s cry in lowly manger. We praise you for the Word made flesh in a little Child. We behold his glory, and are bathed in its radiance.
Be with us as we sing the ironies of Christmas, the incomprehensible comprehended, the poetry made hard fact, the helpless Babe who cracks the world asunder. We kneel before you shepherds, innkeepers, …